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Google Search Appliance (GSA) is now expired and can no longer be extended. This has resulted in Fronde having many conversations with customers about Enterprise Search alternatives, and Information Discovery as a high level topic.

We thought we’d take this opportunity to share our insights with you on Enterprise Search and what it means for businesses today. So if you’re considering your businesses data, search capabilities and requirements, then read on and get in touch so we can help you ensure you make the right choice for your business.

Unstructured data is growing at an exponential rate, the tools that most organisations use can only deal with structured data.

In fact, IDC predicted that by 2020 unstructured data will account for more than 80% of the data collected by organisations. Source, IDC Digital Universe Study 2012.

This means all of the value locked up in unstructured data is inaccessible to your customers, employees, and partners - impacting the performance of your business.

Having a good search tool is only scratching the surface of true data management and security. A valuable data archaeology structure will increase workplace productivity, create better workflow experiences and cement the security requirements of your business.

Customer example: We recently partnered with a large customer to move them off the end of life Google Search Appliance platform. They had been using GSA for the last five years and saw it as an important part of their business, used by thousands of users per day. The customer had a need for an advanced and sophisticated search tool to replace the GSA, while giving them the flexibility to improve on the initial solution.

One key priority for the customer was ensuring both the public and internal business users could easily access the information they needed to work. The GSA end of life meant they needed to retain the existing search functionality which they had, while also looking ahead to the future. After working with Fronde to discuss options, the customer selected Mindbreeze as the next step towards both enduring business continuity and ensuring they had a platform which would have the capabilities to expand as they did.

Fronde worked to ensure a seamless migration path for the customer and its users.

For other customers, information discovery is more than having an efficient search capability. It’s about protecting the business data so the right people have the right access, and about having appropriate security around sensitive data and information. Data Archaeology is about managing your entire business data in a way that makes the most sense for your business requirements, and giving stakeholders the ease of accessibility that so many people now lack.

It’s important to bring the right business technology solution to your organisation that helps you address real business problems and takes advantage of new opportunities in Information Discovery.

How we can help:

Search solutions is nothing new to Fronde, having integrated search since the beginning stages of the technology. Over time Fronde has created Information Discovery IP that allows them to give expert advice on search technologies, and guide customers to implementing the best fit for their current and future needs. This guidance needs an awareness of business direction, technology advancement, and good design principals to remove impediments to information sharing.

Get in touch with us via the button below to have a chat about the options available to you if you’re interested in discovering more about your Search and Data requirements. We can offer you options that you may not be aware of, and we can also offer you a discovery session to understand your full business requirements around your data and search capabilities. This will ensure we give you the right recommendations to you that is best fit for your business.

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