Celebrating Success with “The Internet of Rings”

15 Mar 2016

“When in doubt, put a microchip in it.”

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Every Dog has its day, in a digital kinda way

08 Mar 2016

Rarely when learning a new technology skill-set are we given the chance to cut our teeth on interesting work with tangible benefits to the wider community. But like an abandoned kitten adopted out to a doting Remuera household, I’m luckier than most, as my first Salesforce project was with the SPCA Auckland.

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5 Reasons Why Google for Work is Beneficial to Retailers in Australia & New Zealand

04 Mar 2016

Today’s digitally savvy consumers expect real time information and personalised shopping experiences. It is these consumers that are now in the driver’s seat - shaping the retail industry and forcing retailers to be more innovative. So how do Australian and New Zealand retailers keep up with the pace? Here are my top 5 tips.

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Improve your Budgeting process to get ahead

01 Mar 2016

Though most Australian businesses would have completed the somewhat dreaded ‘budgeting process’ by now, New Zealand organisations are perhaps still in the throws of the annual budgeting challenge. Regardless of whether you’re past the challenge or not, the following top 3 tips from our organisation’s leaders are worth considering to manage your business in 2016.

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Bimodal IT Shouldn’t Mean Splitting Your Organisation

03 Feb 2016

The need to address digital transformation and industry disruption is forcing organisations to look for new operating models to meet the challenge. An increasingly popular approach is ‘Bimodal IT’.

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3 Things Every CFO Needs To Know About Cloud in 2016

25 Jan 2016

In 2016 cloud computing models continue to be a tool or enabler for business disruption, digital transformation, competitive advantage, fast growth or fast failure. Moreover, cloud has the ability to impact the cost structures and overall governance of any organisation far more than many people realise.

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The important questions executives should ask about Cloud

18 Jan 2016

With cloud technology’s ability to impact both the top and bottom line of business, it’s important for high level execs to have a look at the new risks that need to be managed. Of course, cloud has countless benefits, but sometimes it doesn’t hurt to question things. So here are the top three questions you need to ask about your cloud technology:

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The Datacentre Battle is over and Public Cloud has won

The Battle For Datacentre Dominance Is Over, And Public Cloud Has Won 20 Dec 2015

2015 has become the year that Public Cloud won the Datacentre Battle. The effect of this can be seen with global organisations like Rackspace and HP exiting the IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) market and beginning to sell their competitor’s Public Cloud offerings. This year we also saw local based Datacentre providers (somewhat reluctantly) launch Public Cloud offerings. You should expect to see further consolidation of global and local providers as they hastily exit the IaaS market as their businesses begin to be heavily substituted by Public Cloud Services.

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Why Healthcare Should Consider Google For Work

16 Dec 2015

One of our many missions at Fronde is to empower leading healthcare industry clients in delivering secure, real-time communication across employee groups. Using cloud-based productivity solutions from Google, we really are helping healthcare providers to easily collaborate and focus on the important work that they provide in our communities. In many cases our customers are already using a lot of the Google platform in their personal lives (i.e. Gmail, Drive, Search).

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Collaboration is Key

15 Dec 2015

The past decade has seen a new way of working. With technological powerhouses such as Google on the rise, collaborative efforts within the workplace have significantly shaped the workspace and its efficiencies today. Especially within Australia, a number of companies, some incredibly well-known, have shifted towards Google Apps in order to effectively power their IT. In fact, studies have proven that collaborative efforts can result in serious benefits to not only the business, but the government as well.

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