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What we see is that despite their significant existing digital investments, organisations are increasingly finding that digital competition is creating a rapidly widening gap between what the market expects of them, and what their organisation can deliver. As a result, they are further increasing their digital investment. Yet, they are struggling to consistently get substantial returns quickly enough. Research has now identified that 48% of Digital Initiatives are failing to deliver an ROI, let alone propel them ahead of their competitors.  More and more businesses are realising they need a different approach that will give them better and faster business results from their digital initiatives.


Fronde offers a range of consultancy that is designed to help you achieve better goals, faster. How we do this:

  • Our specialists are trained in design thinking methodology, coupled with our unique tools & frameworks, to achieve the greatest outcomes possible within the agreed timeframes
  • We first make sure we understand your business, and your business requirements
  • We then bring our leading-edge thinking on digital to the table, which will stretch your thinking on how digital can change your business
  • We work with your team to unify and align your priorities


Typically, our engagements start with the appropriate combination of:

  • Digital Maturity Assessment (which will enable you to identify the key areas you should invest in that would provide the strongest ROI) 
  • Unified Digital Business Strategy consulting engagement (which enables our customers to accelerate their response to the threat and opportunity presented by digital disruption. This is done by unifying your business strategy with actionable digital transformation initiatives)
  • Stakeholder Alignment (which ensures the business is first aligned on goals and strategies before diving into big projects)

Talk to us if you want to know more about our consultancy engagements and how this might benefit your organisation to help you achieve results faster.

If you are considering some digital and business consultancy services, we first recommend you learn about the Acceleration Gap, and how unless you focus on 4 key business areas - your digital investment may not return any meaningful ROI. Watch the video below.

Learn About the Acceleration Gap

Watch the video of Anthony Belsham, Fronde CEO, as he discusses the acceleration gap that most businesses are facing, and what you can do to close it.


“The gap between the very best organisations and the rest is opening up faster than most people realise - and for many leaders that don’t reinvent themselves and their organisations, this is about to become catastrophic”

This is the Acceleration Gap

The pace of digital is exponential, not linear - which is resulting in an increasingly widening gap between the expectations on you and your business, and the results you are actually seeing.

While most organisations are doing variations of the same thing, we see the best organisations focussing on four key accelerators that are either enabling them to lead the way by opening the gap, or to close it rapidly.

Acceleration stats 10 Acceleration stats 12

Digital technologies are expected to reduce revenue by 10% and profit by 12%. Yet "the best" are going to excel.

Acceleration stats 48

48% of Digital Initiatives fail to deliver an ROI, wasting time and money, and getting you further behind.

Acceleration stats 50

50% of Fortune 500 businesses will disappear due to digital disruption this decade.

*Source: Mckinsey and World Economic Forum.

Learn how others have, and you too, can close the acceleration gap. Learn how to apply the following four key accelerators to your organisation.

Acceleration Gap Arrow U n i f i e d D i g i t a l B u s i n e s s S t r a t e g y A l i g n m e n t f o r C y c l e s o f S u c c e s s I n t e g r a t e E x i s t i n g N e w a n d E m e r g i n g C a p a b i l i t i e s R e i n v e n t B u s i n e s s a s U s u a l
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Unify Your Digital and Business Strategy

Combining Fronde’s digital consultancy, design thinking, and business knowledge, together with seminal and current industry research, we have developed a consulting methodology that enables you to accelerate your success by creating a unified digital business strategy.

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Alignment for Cycles of Success

Combining Fronde’s agile project and development methodology experience along with industry research, we've developed the following services that are intended to continue your accelerated journey of success. Bridging the acceleration gap by helping you create alignment for cycles of success.

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Integrate Existing, New, and Emerging Capabilities

To further accelerate our customer’s journey, Fronde has created services that builds on a wealth of intellectual property that we, and our Silicon Valley partners, have developed. This is so we can work with you to navigate through your existing systems, and understand which new capabilities / systems you may need in order to meet your business requirements and increasing customer expectations.

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Re-invent Business as Usual

To help you re-invent business as usual, Fronde brings a wealth of intellectual property that we, and our Silicon Valley partners, have developed for continuous integration and deployment. On top of that - new architecture, methods and capabilities that help you close the acceleration gap here too.

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Unify Your Digital and Business Strategy

Fronde is privileged to work with a myriad of different organisations and see their business plans and strategies.

We have seen that organisations are finding that digital technology is no longer simply important to their business strategy, but integral. Digital technology has become the resource of our time; no longer merely supporting business - digital technology must now power and empower it.

Helping organisations fulfil mission-critical business goals and strategies we have learnt the lessons of success which we apply to our services.

See below our services that we offer to help you align and unify your digital and business strategy.

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Alignment for Cycles of Success

Fronde sees that organisations have become far more complex over time. There are more stakeholders involved (research says we should all look for an average 6.8 people) that must agree to an initiative for it to be successful and change the status quo. Change is now ever more relentless; fueled by the acceleration of digital technologies.

A new way of working has emerged that appreciates the value of change and how relentless it is, while also recognising the constant need for [re]alignment of key stakeholders.

See our services below that will enable you to have continuous alignment across your organisation and key stakeholders so you're prepared for cycles of success. 

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Integrate Existing, New, and Emerging Capabilities

Every 18 months, computing power halves in price as it doubles in capacity. This exponential advancement in technology is then leveraged by product and service vendors to introduce to market improved, and sometimes startling, new innovative solutions. At the same time, existing organisations have existing technology investments that are likely to have served them well.

Choosing what to replace, what new technologies to invest in, and how to position yourself for what is emerging is a challenge. Additionally, you must consider the investment order and the right combination and integration of these investments; past, present and future. While all the time keeping aim at your organisational goals.

Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit, but wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad.

Fronde invests significantly into technology research. We like to say that for the sake of our customers in Australia and New Zealand, we maintain one foot in Silicon Valley; working with some of the largest digital technology vendors the world has.

At the same time our experience and skills in software languages, databases, mobile, cloud, infrastructure, and more, are all applicable to existing and new technologies.

Knowledge is knowing that technology can do anything, but wisdom is is looking for the right capabilities that technology offers to reach your goals.

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Re-invent Business as Usual

Fronde sees organisations looking to transform their business using digital technologies. However, that is only part of journey. You must continue the transformation into your business-as-usual work if you are to be truly successful.

Their paradigm has shifted. The way that work is now built, integrated, quality checked, deployed, and evaluated. As with all changes of our time, these all now must operate to the new digital speed limit.

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Digital Business Maturity Assessment

This assessment survey combines industry research, competitive research and Fronde’s own experience on what makes organisations successful with digital technology investments.

Whether you want to start or are mid-flight into a transformation, this assessment gives you access to the collective wisdom on where to invest your money and energy to bridge the acceleration gap created by the digital technology.

Unified Digital Business Strategy Development

Building on the digital acceleration gap analysis, we create a unified plan that will help guide you on your digital journey. This includes taking your current state business strategy, what your business objectives are, looking at your digital investments and with that it helps us develop the plan.


Digital Business Initiative Blueprint

An accelerated strategic decision making consultancy service, the Digital Business Initiative Blueprint will help you quickly create alignment and determine where your time, effort, and the best resource investments are to make.  Further alignment activities are necessary beyond this task, but this work sets the foundation for future cycles. 

Project Success

New initiative requires projects, but project success is not guaranteed without investment in a common understanding of what success looks like.

Fronde’s Project Success Workshop is a development of the Agile RAP session which Fronde pioneered in the early 2000’s.

Updated with lessons from the past 15 years, and incorporating design thinking, the Project Success Workshop is an important activity and benchmark in creating the foundations for successful projects.

Further cycles are required beyond the workshop, and managed through the project method.

Agile Project & Development Management

Fronde was a pioneer of agile project management and development in the early 2000’s. Testing, learning, and being satisfied with its application at all levels.

Fronde applies the agile method and principles including, importantly, the constant engagement of key stakeholders to ensure that there is continued [re] alignment on the project's objectives. Along with stakeholder alignment, [re] alignment to your organisation goals reflecting any changes in your organisational thinking.

Business Change Leadership

Projects with strong business change management programs are six times more likely to meet or exceed their objectives. Fronde’s business change management is a consulting service provided to dramatically increase the success of large scale technology change deployments. 


Application Modernisation

For organisations with an existing portfolio of applications, there is a natural cost of maintenance. However, with significant advancements digital, not least cloud the opportunity exists to reduce their total cost of ownership overhead on the and improve the value they deliver.

Using the method developed by the world's largest cloud vendor and improved upon using our research and experience - Fronde creates the modernisation recommendations for your existing application portfolio.

Reducing ownership cost and improving value, where both line up with your organisational goals.

Integration Roadmap

Application Integration can be a minefield of complexity and risk. Our unique approach to implementing application integration projects avoids cost overruns and dramatically increases the likelihood of project success. In a world that is full of “silver bullet” integration product vendors, API gateways and sophisticated cloud platforms; it is more important than ever to have a pragmatic and implementable approach to integrating critical systems. 

Machine Learning Accelerator

Machine learning is destined to transform the technology and business landscape. Yet the practical path for an organisation to begin the integration of Machine Learning into its products and services is elusive. Fronde’s Machine Learning Accelerator Service is aimed at providing a rapid path to identifying good opportunities for the application of Machine Learning and the approaches that are likely to yield the best approach.

Product Development

We often see that the value organisations have is in proprietary and unique methods and services. While some teams, departments, and organisations may be able to rely on out-of-the-box products with limited configuration, for some if not many functions there is often something that cannot easily be replicated by others; nor do you want it to be when you realise it reflects your unique value proposition.

Whether building your own SaaS solution to take to market, or needing something that reflects and leverages your internally focused intellectual property - Fronde provides design, build, quality assurance, and integration services to create the product you need.


Information Discovery and Management

Unstructured content accounts for 90% of all digital information. Organisations are struggling to unlock the value of this unstructured data. In addition, the pressures on staff being able to communicate, collaborate and find information is greater than ever. Fronde’s Information Discovery service is a rapid diagnostic across the structured and unstructured data repositories in your business. Our Information Management service helps you move beyond the standard corporate intranet and file sharing to design the platform that will allow you to best collaborate and communicate in a rapidly changing world. 

Application Optimisation

The exponential rate of change in emerging technology is disrupting market conditions, customer buying behaviours and work practices creating a gap between existing digital platform capability and what organisations need to remain competitive.

Organisations are struggling to identify the right areas of their business to invest in with 48% Digital Initiatives failing to deliver an ROI.

Our Application Optimisation Review Methodology challenges your current technology roadmap, enabling you to take advantage of new and emerging technologies to optimise their platform while ensuring they invest in the right initiatives to gain an ROI.

Managed Optimisation

Traditional BAU practices were invented in a world without Cloud and SaaS. New disciplines have emerged DevOps, CI/CD practices as this shift occurs from Break/Fix of infrastructure to ongoing Optimisation of platforms.

Organisations are finding there is a rapidly widening gap between what the business needs and what their application capability can deliver.

Fronde "Managed Optimisation Services" gives you access to specialist Support and Integration skills on demand, enables fast turnaround of new business initiatives, optimisation of business platforms and provides access to Platform Partner benefits.

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Get in touch to have a conversation about any of the above content that has resonated with you. We strongly believe that you need to focus on four key business areas in order to close the acceleration gap. Don’t keep doing what you’ve been doing, and don’t think a quick point solution implementation will accelerate your business at the pace you need to. Get in touch and we’ll book a time to chat.